Free Lean Resources

We have developed a range of resources to help you on your Lean journey - from e-books, checklists, tool kits, and self-assessment quizzes. You can access them by clicking on the link.

Secrets of Operations Management Cover

The Secrets of Operations Management

Fighting too many fires? Download this guide and get tips to level up your operations management & leadership skills - based on over 400+ years of combined manufacturing and supply chain excellence experience.

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Plant Layout Mistakes & How to Avoid Them Cover

Ten Common Plant Layout Mistakes

Download this report and avoid the top mistakes that our industry experts have identified based on over 400+ years of combined manufacturing and supply chain experience.

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tmx checklist graphic 2

Visual Management Checklist

Download this checklist covering Visual Management Boards and Factory Floor Visuals. Use to see if your Visual Management could be working better.

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Visual Management Toolkit Coverr

Visual Management Toolkit

Whether you are in an office or manufacturing environment, this toolkit can help leaders setup daily meetings to standardise the agenda and make them more valuable.

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Plant Layout Assessment Cover

Take Our Plant Layout Assessment

Take our assessment to see how efficient your plant layout really is and discover if there are any opportunities to improve it.

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Business Survivialist Survey Cover

Can Your Business Survive? Take Our Survey

Take our survey to see how well your business would survive in the event of a major catastrophe. Uncover what risks your business is exposed to.

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The History and Language of Industry 4 Cover

History & Language of Industry 4.0

Get up to speed with Industry 4.0. Discover what it is, how it started and the most common terms used when talking about Industry 4.0.

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Lean Manufacturing Glossary Cover

Lean Manufacturing Glossary

Understand what is lean manufacturing and how it came about. Discover some of the most widely used Lean terms.

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